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Corporate wealthcare

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Upsidedowntown has been on the scene since 2012 and has experienced many ups and downs and personnel changes. It was in 2019 shortly after Terjn Wolskyj rejoined the band, the morning before a big show, Aaron Formaniuk sliced open 3 of his fingers while saving puppies from a burning building (or something like that) and was rendered unable to play guitar for several weeks. It was a time of great reflection and bonding between band members and it was at this time we started dabbling with the idea of adding a fourth member to take over lead vocals, this would allow Aaron to focus solely on guitar. Enter Jen Seal, we have all known Jen for years so she was instantly a good fit, and once she started singing there was no question that this was the start of a new era for Upsidedowntown. Just as things were getting rolling and our summer schedule was filling up, Covid 19 came in a big way and put an end to all existing plans for shows, luckily we got into the studio just before the big lock down and hammered out a few tracks, Badlands, coming out July 31 and Corporate Wealthcare, coming out later in 2020.

Car EP - April 2013

Car... Too EP - April 2016

Normal is Weird (single/music video) - August 2017

Firemoon - April 2018

French Connection (music video) - October 2018

Badlands (single) - July 31 2020 

Corporate Healthcare (single) - Oct 31 2020

08.02.19 Upsidedowntown at Station on Ja





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